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Wellness Trends to rule 2020

In the past, we have witnessed many wellness trends, diet plans for weight loss, that take up the hype amongst people. While such trends just come and go, only some are those that stay as long term trends and become a wellness mantra. According to My22BMI, the wellness trends that will rule 2020 are as follows-

Plant Based Diet

A plant-based diet has its own benefits and is being looked up recently by many people as a new source of nutrition. A plant-based diet is not only nutritious but also essential for human dietary needs. It has its own advantages and for the betterment of our environment.

With the increasing use of chemical, medicinal injections added hormones and cruelty towards animals to obtain the desired amount of supply, it’s become the need of the hour for people to divert towards a healthy plant-based diet as much as possible. Studies and Research are being done, worldwide to obtain more and more plant-based options for dietary solutions.

Personalized Diet Plan

With the past trends of following celebrity diet plans and diet plans that feature needs of a different individual, this year will bring more focus on getting a more personalized diet plan approach towards diet planning for people on an individual level.

People will shift towards diet plans and weight loss tips that are focused on their individual unique Microbiome. Customized and personalized diet plans will be seen trending in 2020. Customized diet coaching and online nutrition coach will also be a part of 2020 trends.

Intermittent Fasting Plans

Out of the many trends that will remain in focus from the past trends, is the Intermittent Fasting Plan. Giving the approach of Gut Health Diet and keeping the focus of people’s digestion process in focus, Intermittent Fasting is one trend that got introduced and gained popularity quickly amongst people.

It is one of the trends that will continue to rule as it delivers the desired long term health benefits without causing any health issues.

Gut Health Diet

Given the science behind the subject of Gut Health and the benefits it gives to a healthier body and mind, Gut Health Plan is one of the trends that will continue to rule and grow more in awareness amongst people in 2020. This is going to be the only life-changing nutrition science that will help people to achieve their desired health and wellness.

There will be a major focus on DISEASE REVERSAL under the Gut Health approach of healthy living. People will move towards natural ways of combating disease and it will be possible using the principles of Gut Healthy plans. This will be based on customized diet coaching through personal nutrition coaches who will work towards getting the best custom meal plans for people.

Fitness Trends

Just like in nutrition, people will be moving towards natural ways of achieving their desired level of fitness. There will be a focus on working out on normal temperatures just as nature intended. Yoga will remain a ruling trend. Running, jogging and walking are going to rule as always. For the gym-goers, there will be more focus on recovery trends, where adequate hours of recovery rest will be given more emphasis. The requirement of proper recovery for the muscles to grow strong, recovery days are of main importance.

Also, the FEEL GOOD, is a fitness trend that will rule 2020. Do what suits you, what makes you feel good while choosing the kind of workout. This will lead to a rise in customized fitness plans and getting an online personal trainer will be trending. The need for customization in fitness is relevant because the hormones that get released when you are happy and feeling good are essential for your overall well-being and proper functioning of the various body organs. Personalized fitness plans along with personalized diet plans will be a leading trend in 2020.

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