Here are some of the most common signs of an unhealthy Gut: Upset stomach. Stomach disturbances like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, and heartburn are some signs of an unhealthy gut. Apart from this, unintentional weight changes, autoimmune disorders, mental health issues, depletion in bone mass, and food intolerances are all signs of having an unhealthy Gut.

Gas pain, bloating, and flatus frequency can be caused by consuming foods that are difficult to digest, or because of an unhealthy Gut, Lack of exercise etc. Some other causes that can lead to building up of a lot of gas in the body and can also lead to bloating are: overeating, swallowing air while you eat or drink, gum chewing, smoking cigarettes, eating certain foods.

You can work on your Gut Microbiome by-

1) Eating probiotics and fermented foods in your daily diet.

2) Eat Prebiotic Fiber

3) Eat Less sugar and sugar sweeteners.

4) Eat vegetables, legumes, pulses and root vegetables in your diet.

5) Reduce your Stress

6) Workout regularly.

7) Avoid taking antibiotics unnecessarily.

8) Avoid Smoking.

Gut is Our Second Brain. The gut has hundreds of millions of neurons which can function fairly independently and are in constant communication with the brain. Explaining the ability to feel “butterflies” in the stomach. Stress can affect this brain-gut communication, and may trigger pain, bloating and other gut discomfort to be felt more easily. The gut is also inhabited by millions of bacteria which can influence its health and the brain’s health which can impact the ability to think and affect emotions. Stress is associated with changes in gut bacteria which in turn can influence mood.

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A well balanced diet is a healthy diet. Your diet should comprise all essential macronutrients in your diet in a balanced way. A balanced diet should provide around 50-60% of total calories from carbohydrates, preferably from complex carbohydrates, about 10-15% from proteins and 20-30% from both visible and invisible fat. Apart from this our diet must have a lot of fibrous vegetables and probiotics in our diet.

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When it comes to losing your weight, nutrition helps 80% and exercise contributes the remaining 20%. However, it is not essential to exercise to lose weight, but it's necessary to keep your heart healthy, your body rejuvenated, and your stress reduced.

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