My22BMI personalised diet plan philosophy

How MY22BMI Personalised Diet Plans Works

Overcome lifestyle health problems through five easy and engaging steps

Customised Coaching: No single diet suits all, get your personalised diet plan which matches with your specific goals

Easy Diagnostics: Get your diagnostics done in quick and easy way

Personalised Feedback: Get regular feedback based on your goals

Engage and Motivate: Our team works hard to get you the motivation & engagement for much needed steps

Sustainable Habits: Build long term measurable good habits

Personalised Diet Plans

Heart health: Hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes

Women’s health: Hormonal issues – thyroid & PCOD

Mother & Child: Kids, post pregnancy nutrition

Weight & Muscle: Weight optimisation & muscle

Shine On: Skin, hair & nails health

Gut Health: Digestion and nutrient absorption

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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Partnership on Wellness and Diet Solutions

My22BMI corporate wellness services include health camps & checkups, personalised diet & lifestyle health coaching, employees health assessment, curated experiences like workshops around healthy eating.  My22BMI goes a step further in doing workplace nutritional assessment, kitchen audits and menu planning services.  Please contact at

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My22BMI personalised diet plans

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