Whenever you try to go on a “diet” you’ll be bombarded with diet and nutrition advice from a lot of sources. I have a compiled a list of sources that can’t be trusted for diet and nutrition advice:

nutritive advice expert


Thanks to social media, you’ll hear a lot of free diet advice from many “celebrity nutritionists”. That is because they provide you with incomplete but appealing information, something that the masses will be attracted to. Like “have as many mangoes and ghee as you want”. Check the qualifications of these celebrity nutritionists before you follow their advice.

nutrition advice by trainers


If you’ve ever been to a gym, I’m sure you have heard advices like “ eat 10 eggs in a day” or “eat boiled chicken for every meal” or “do not put any oil to your food” by the gym trainers. Such diets can be extremely harmful to one’s health. Gym trainers like most celebrity nutritionists, are not qualified to make diet plans for you.



Your elders are mostly right when they give you life advice because they have got tons of experience there. But are they experienced enough to give you nutrition advice? Maybe not that much. Nutrition advice by elders is usually given based on their own experience with a particular food, but not everyone’s body and requirements are the same.


This is probably the most unreliable sources of all time. People who have managed to transform themselves and lost a ton of weight often become “dieticians” or online health “gurus”. But again, they are not qualified to give you any advice when it comes to nutrition and diet. Firstly, you do not know whether their weight loss was healthy or not and secondly, they don’t know what kind of diet will work for whom. Something that may have helped them may be damaging to someone else’s health!


A healthy diet is much more than just weight loss and what helped your friend might not help you at all. Afterall, One man’s medicine can be another man’s poison. Do not blindly follow anyone’s advice just because they are popular. Always do a thorough research about their educational qualification, background, and experience in the field of nutrition.

Just to save some money, do not play with your health and get “free” or cheap diet plans online. They are not meant for you and can greatly harm you. Contact our qualified nutrition and holistic health experts at My22BMI for a one time FREE CONSULTATION CALL and find out what’s best for you!

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