Smeeksha shares her success story of improving activity and wellbeing at My22BMI

Read Smeeksha’s success story straight from her:

I think fitness nowdays has become a way of life! I am also a health freak! Being a professional, its sometimes becomes difficult to balance health and work. I have been into different kinds of workout for a very long time now, however, I have realized that nutrition is a very important part of any health regime.

I connected with Preety couple of weeks back and explained her my routine and for the first time took a ‘diet plan’ from her, or should I correctly put……’nutrition plan’. Within only few days I realized that eating right is the most important pillar of any fitness regime, in fact a good diet is the most important catalyst in achieving your ultimate fitness levels! With her guided nutrition plan I am feeling more active and light ! Have also managed to loose some inches and weight ! Have a long way to go…. before I actually call myself ‘fit”.


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My22BMI is a digital healthcare startup addressing the problem of managing lifestyle diseases through personalised diet plans. My22BMI empower lives to eat healthy and smartly and believe food should be your first medicine. The expert health coaches provide personalised diet plans for heart health, gut health, skin & hair health, weight management, mother & child nutrition and hormonal health. Download our Android app from the Google playstore.

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