Bhavika shares her success story in losing weight just by eating right

Read Bhavika’s success story straight from her:

Stepping off the weighing machine today, me and my husband smiled at each other as Today marked the day we both had lost 6 kilograms in roughly 6 weeks since the day we had taken up Preety’s diet. Her diet plan is pragmatic and at the same time super fun to follow as it consists of delicious healthy foods which we had a great time preparing at home. Her diet and her expertise on the subject of nutrition really increased our awareness about choosing what’s right for our well being. She boosted our confidence by slashing various pre conceived notions and myths surrounding the world of weight loss. Apart from being such an awesome nutritionist, Preety is also an all round nice human being who is full of reassurance and encouragement.Lastly I am really glad me and my husband walked into My22BMI office 6 weeks ago. Thanks to My22BMI.


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My22BMI is a digital healthcare startup addressing the problem of managing lifestyle diseases through personalised diet plans. My22BMI empower lives to eat healthy and smartly and believe food should be your first medicine. The expert health coaches provide personalised diet plans for heart health, gut health, skin & hair health, weight management, mother & child nutrition and hormonal health. Download our Android app from the Google playstore.

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