My22BMI team has really inspired and helped me in the achievement of my goal of healthy eating and reducing weight. The regular follow up sessions on phone and texts have motivated me enough to be committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The focus is not on reducing diet but to eat the right things. The results so far have been quite impressive and I am able to shed a few kilos with ease!


In just a few weeks of using My22BMI’s service, I have started feeling very energetic and fully toned. I also have started losing my weight that had plateaued in the beginning. Through several enhanced meal plans and daily custom feedback, I have full support from my health coach and the My22BMI team.


Preety is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to healthy eating and what nourishes our bodies. One of her goals is to help her clients decode what their body is telling them. She helps each of her clients decide what will be best for THEM and will help them be the most successful. I didn’t even know my stuffy nose could be attributed to my diet! My headaches started to decrease, the frequent bloating and the acidity I experienced on a regular basis, two of my major concerns besides my weight, also improved. Thanks, My22BMI!


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The health coaches at My22BMI are extremely supportive. They understand your health issues and recommend diets based on that. Great to have found someone who doesn't focus on weight loss only, but helps you to achieve overall wellness.

Kajal Khera

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